5 Common Roof Problems Homeowners Encounter

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image of a missing roof shingle

5 Common Roof Problems Homeowners Encounter We understand how stressful it can be when faced with any kind of home repair issue that comes up. With the recent storms we’ve been experiencing, you will want to identify roof or siding damage as soon as possible, to prevent further damage to other parts of your home. Here are a few common … Read More

Selecting The Right Roofing Contractor

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Buying a new roof system is an important investment. Before you spend your money, spend some time learning how to evaluate the roofing contractor who may be doing the work. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) wants to assist you in getting the kind of results you expect—a quality roof system at a fair price. You should insist on working … Read More

Adding A Dormer To Your Home

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image of Home with a Dormer

What is a dormer? A dormer is a roofed structure, often containing a window, that projects vertically beyond the plane of a pitched roof.[1] It is also known as rooftop window. Roof dormers come in a variety of different shapes and sizes but most serve the same function: to increase the useable ‘liveable’ area in an attic space or spare … Read More

How To Spot Hail Damage On Your Roof

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do you have hail damage that needs repair

How to Spot Hail Damage Identifying hail damage on your belongings, such as patio furniture or your car, is relatively straightforward. The round dings in metal are obvious signs of hail damage. However, determining whether your roof has sustained damage from a hailstorm may be a little more difficult. It’s important to keep your roof in top condition to avoid … Read More

The Top Roof Build Styles And Their Pros And Cons

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Top 15 Roof Types, Plus Their Pros & Cons – Read Before You Build! When building a new house or retrofitting an existing one, choosing the right type of roof can be more difficult than most people could imagine. After all, roofs do a lot more than just serving the most basic practical purpose of protecting a house and its … Read More

5 Spring Home Maintenance Task That You Can Do This Year

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Spring is here in Louisville which means it’s time to get to get around to all of the home maintenance task that we have been putting off all winter.  When this time of year rolls around it can feel energizing and also overwhelming when thinking of all that needs to be done. Thats why we at K&P Roofing have put … Read More

Why Your Home Needs Attic Ventilation

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Venting the roof deck

Proper roof ventilation is paramount to the longevity and health of any roofing system. With improper ventilation, fluctuating temperature and moisture can wreak havoc on your roof and its supporting systems.This video is used by professional roofers to explain to home owners what proper attic or roof ventilation is and why you need it to protect your home. The best … Read More

Common Roof Leak Causes

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Roof Leak Repair Louisville

 Common Roof Leak CausesThe roof, more than any other structural element, can truly dictate the longevity and health of your home. A solid roof acts as a first line of defense against rain, snow, sleet, and pretty much any other inclement weather that can be thrown at it.Roofing materials and technologies have advanced over the years and if applied properly … Read More

5 Winter Roofing Problems Homeowners Need To Look Out For.

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Roof Damage

Information Provided by: HeatTrak written by: Ryan Williams on Mar 28, 2016 7:30:00 AMWinter can be especially harsh on a house’s roof, and it’s almost never a good idea to simply wait for spring before addressing the issues that the presence of snow and ice on your roof can cause. Five of the main winter roof damage problems that homeowners should be aware of are … Read More