5 Common Roof Problems Homeowners Encounter

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5 Common Roof Problems Homeowners Encounter

We understand how stressful it can be when faced with any kind of home repair issue that comes up. With the recent storms we’ve been experiencing, you will want to identify roof or siding damage as soon as possible, to prevent further damage to other parts of your home. Here are a few common problems that can occur with your roof that you need to look out for:

Rain, Storms, and Heavy Winds

Roof Leaks are the single most annoying problem faced by homeowners. Weather conditions such as heavy rains, storms, hail, strong winds, & snow can all lead to moisture on the under layers over the period of time causing mold and leaky roofs. Leaks can also develop around flashing, chimneys, pipes and other damaged areas around your roof. Long standing roof leaks can also lead to damage of your interior such as ceilings, walls, attics, and floors – these can get very expensive if the damage is not taken care of early. Homeowners Insurance can cover weather related roof damage, but it is imperative to get your roof inspected after a storm, to assess if any roof damage or siding damage has been done.

Damage caused by Snow

It’s only natural for any kind of roof surface to be damaged after a period of time. Snow and ice along with other severe weather conditions wreak considerable havoc to the roofs. But the thing about snow is that it melts into the water which tends to seep its way inside the roof and if it starts refreezing under the shingles, it causes some serious damage to your roof. Installing an EPDM membrane is somewhat less susceptible to this kind of damage from snow, but it can be more expensive.

Heat, Cold, Shrinking and Cracking

Another weather problem faced is shrinkage; it has been observed that roof materials tend to shrink over time resulting in other problems to seep in along with it. This is caused when the membrane (stuff under the tiles or shingles) of the roof shrinks. Shrinkage naturally occurs when the surface starts to erode causing cracking and blistering over the period of time. A common sign of this is granules from your shingles accumulating in your gutters or at the downspouts.

Lack of Maintenance and Weak Repairs

Needless to say, lack of proper roof maintenance will escalate the damage drastically resulting in spending more money on repairs later. Weak repairs are also something to look into, it is imperative for homeowners to hire a professional roofing contractor who can handle the damage before it matures into a nightmare. So avoid hiring out of town roofing companies, or hiring amateurs to do the job. If something as important as your roof needs to be repaired, you want it done right – hire a local professional roofing company with a long standing record of serving the community. This reduces your risk of problems and also provides you with a warranty in case of any future problems.

Defective or Poor Installation

Incorrectly installed roofs are a major reason of roof damages causing problems to emerge with the roof at early stages. Thus they can start to wear out before its actual time span, meaning reduced life span, reduced durability and other issues such as mold and leakage. Consider the money you are spending on the installation, so choosing an experienced roofing contractor is the wisest choice. When getting your roof installed, it’s crucial that you hire a professional roofing contractor with a proven track record. You will want a company that has years of experience, to avoid any unnecessary problems in the future.


When heavy storms hit an area hard, then most likely you’ll start seeing roofing companies that you don’t recognize. Only use local professional roofing contractors that are established. These out of town shady companies roam from one storm damaged area to another, roaming the country like gypsies, moving wherever the most damage is, and then they are gone. Local Professional Roofing Contractors stand behind their work!


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