Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Home’s Roof

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Tile Roof Installed

For many, a home will be the largest purchase they will make in their lives. It is easy however, to overlook some of the simple signs that show this major investment may be in need of repair; the biggest of these repairs being the roof.  The structures roof is so important infact, many governments offer special grants to ensure that … Read More

Adding Insulation Can Save You Money

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Attic insulation being installed

Add attic insulation to lower heating and cooling costs by as much as $600 per year. A good, quick way to check if you need insulation is to look across your attic floor. If the existing insulation comes up just to the tops of the joists, then you probably need to add insulation. If you can’t see the joists and … Read More

5 Home Energy Saving Tips

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image of 5 home energy saving tips

Winter is upon us and that means higher energy bills and for some unlucky people, a drafty living environment. We put together a list of the top 5 ways you can save energy this year and in-turn save money.

Home Improvement Resolutions

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New Energy Efficient window

A new year means a new you right? Every January we make promises to ourselves about how we are going to improve. However many of these resolutions fall through and we never see the benefits. This year instead of making unattainable weight loss or money saving goals maybe it’s a good time to start taking care of things around the … Read More

Winterize your home

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Energy Saving Tips

Winterizing your home properly can make the difference between happy holidays and a series of headaches and expenses. Follow this helpful guide so that you can stay ahead of the weather this year. Outside CLEAN YOUR GUTTERS Making sure your gutters are up to par for the rainy (snowy) season now, will prevent potential major damage in the future. Clogged … Read More