What Determines Roof Replacement Costs?

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Often times with project and repair quotes from skilled professionals the consumer is left with more questions than answers. Whether it be automotive repairs, plumbing issues, or electrician quotes the power and knowledge is always in the hands of the service provider. Here at K&P Roofing, Siding and Home Improvement, we like to remove the veil between the customer and … Read More

Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Home’s Roof

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Tile Roof Installed

For many, a home will be the largest purchase they will make in their lives. It is easy however, to overlook some of the simple signs that show this major investment may be in need of repair; the biggest of these repairs being the roof.  The structures roof is so important infact, many governments offer special grants to ensure that … Read More

Energy Efficient Roofing

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A cool roof is one that has been designed to reflect more sunlight and absorb less heat than a standard roof. Cool roofs can be made of a highly reflective type of paint, a sheet covering, or highly reflective tiles or shingles. Nearly any type of building can benefit from a cool roof, but consider the climate and other factors … Read More

Storm Damage Home Repair

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Owning your own home is a wonderful thing but every time storms come around homeowners fear that damage may be just around the corner. It seems like every year climate and storm related home damages become more and more common. In 2016 alone, there were 15 weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each across the United … Read More

Home Improvement Resolutions

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A new year means a new you right? Every January we make promises to ourselves about how we are going to improve. However many of these resolutions fall through and we never see the benefits. This year instead of making unattainable weight loss or money saving goals maybe it’s a good time to start taking care of things around the … Read More

Exterior Trim Replacement

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If you want to invest back into your home, contact us and one of our experts will help you make a home that matches your personality. Or, come to us with your own ideas and we can help make your dream home come true. Contact the experts at K&P Roofing, siding, and home improvement and take a step towards a … Read More

Why you Should Cap Your Chimney.

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Louisville Roofing Contractors and Chimney capping specialist. K&P roofing, siding & home improvement offers quality in all your exterior winterizing needs. Chimney cap contractors, chimney cap repair, chimney cap replacement. The holiday season really is the most magical time of year. Families come together, gifts are exchanged and snow blankets the ground outside. People start up there old fireplaces and … Read More