Why you Should Cap Your Chimney.

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5 Reasons to cap your chimney

The holiday season really is the most magical time of year. Families come together, gifts are exchanged and snow blankets the ground outside. People start up there old fireplaces and enjoy a warm cider by the fire. Unfortunately however, this time of year also brings with it nearly 156,000 fires causing an estimated $936 million in property damage . Many of these fires are caused do to lack of simple maintenance of chimney caps so below we have compiled a list of 5 Reasons to cap your chimney:

1. Stop Sparks and Embers

Chimney Caps offer an added barrier to embers and other burning materials from escaping from the chimney and landing on your roof. These embers have the ability to cause damage or worse, these effects are compounded if the embers land in overgrown gutters  or loose shingles.

2. Prevent build-up from Debris

In addition to keeping embers from flying out, chimney caps also keep debris from falling into your chimney. Build up from debris can increase the likelihood of uncontrolled fires due to flammable objects catching fire higher in the chimney.

3. Prevent Down Drafts

Not only do chimney caps prevent hard-debris from entering your chimney they also prevent down drafts from wind. Properly covering your chimney can prevent cool air from sinking into your home raising your energy bill. Having the right damper can save up to 8%* on energy cost. Kill two birds with one stone by installing proper insulation and helping to fire proof your home.

4. Prevent Water Damage

Regardless of how well maintained your roof is, without a damper your chimney could be opening your home to rain water. Even if your chimney isn’t in use, water can find its way into your chimney and seep into walls causing mold and rot.

5. Pest Prevention

One final benefit of chimney caps is preventing unwanted guest from getting into your home. Raccoons, birds, and other creatures love the shelter and protection from the elements that chimneys can provide. Once inside however these pest can wreak havoc on your home, by bringing in debris (which creates more hazards) or damaging  the inside of your home!

If you aren’t convinced that getting your chimney capped is a necessity,Check out some further benefits on what getting your chimney capped does for you you– or:

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