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New Energy Efficient window

New Year. New Home

A new year means a new you right? Every January we make promises to ourselves about how we are going to improve. However many of these resolutions fall through and we never see the benefits.

This year instead of making unattainable weight loss or money saving goals maybe it’s a good time to start taking care of things around the house.

The great thing about investing into your home is that it helps you reach your other resolutions; after all, eating healthier is a lot easier when you have a nice kitchen to cook in right? And saving money is a lot easier if your old windows and insulation aren’t sabotaging your heating/cooling bill. That’s why we created our own set of new years resolutions for home improvement.

5 Home Improvement Resolutions

1. Lose weight (cut energy use).

Put an end to your homes energy consumption.
Install that window you’ve always wanted above your kitchen sink or in your bathroom and update the rest while your at it. Replacing old windows can seriously cut down your homes energy use.
https://kproofing.com/new-windows-can-save-money/Find out where you are losing your heat. And nip those drafts in the bud.

new window

new window

2. Get a make over.

Beauty isn’t everything, but it sure as heck does make you feel good when you look good. And coming home to a house that looks like it is falling apart definitely doesn’t make you feel very good. So this year give your home a facelift and Improve your homes curb appeal. Check out our blog on 5 easy ways to Improve your homes exterior and while you are at it see how New Siding can actually drastically improve your homes resale value:

3. Learn something new.

Teach yourself something new this year and learn how to finance the home repairs you have been putting off. Did you know most home repair can be financed with $0 down? Check out this blog and learn how you can get started on home improvements with no money down today.

4. Get active

Start working on those projects around the house and get fit while doing it. If you need some help thinking of what needs to be done checkout our list of six home improvement projects you cant knock out this winter.

Seven Home Improvement Projects To Do This Winter- K&P Roofing, Siding, and Home Improvement.

5. Get a check up

Your body takes a beating throughout the year and usually you don’t think about it until your too sick to get out of bed. Your home isn’t much different, call the pros to take a look at the health of your home and see if you need a new roof, gutters, siding or more. Check out this great article on how to know if you need to replace your gutters.


Start improving today.

Don’t let this years resolutions fall to the wayside. Start making resolutions to improve your home and give K&P roofing, siding, and home improvement a call to help you along the way!