Exterior Trim Replacement

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Why should I replace my homes trim?

Regardless of how great your home is, if it doesn’t have that “wow” factor it may just rest on the market. 
But you would be surprised to see how easy it can be to dramatically change the appearance and feeling of your home.
Just like the right accessessory or pair of shoes can set off an outfit, so too can trim and other decorative siding, set off the look of your house; and in todays market, the look of a house can determine whether it sits or sells.

What is home exterior trim?

You may be asking yourself: what is trim?
In layman terms it’s Any visible or exposed finish material on the outside of a building.
Trim has come a long way from just wooden appearance boards around windows and gutters. Today trim comes in a variety of textures, colors, styles and materials.

What is the right trim for me?

Regardless of the style of your home there is a trim for you. Different trim stiles include gingerbread trim, dentil molding, brackets or a gable pediment. Choose trim that complements the architectural look and style of your house. For example, exterior crown molding and a pediment used over a front door flanked by columns or pilasters create a cohesive and attractive entry for a classic, formal-style home.
Exterior trim isn’t the only way you can dramatically change the exterior of your home however, check out one of our old post on 5 simple ways to change your homes exterior. Or check out our pinterest board https://www.pinterest.com/kproofing/trim/

What do I do now

If you want to invest back into your home, contact us and one of our experts will help you make a home that matches your personality. Or, come to us with your own ideas and we can help make your dream home come true.

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