5 Simple Ways to Change Your Homes Exterior

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Everyone wants to have a beautiful home, but many people do not realize that when it comes to resale, curb appeal can be one of the biggest sellers. Here is our list of 5 simple ways you can change your homes exterior.


Landscaping is one of the most overlooked aspects of a home, but simply laying mulch or putting in a tree can drastically change the way your home is perceived. check out our landscaping tips here or read this great article by fresh home to find out what type of plants could work for you.

2)New windows-

No matter what kind of home you have: a ranch style, an old victorian, or a craftsman it can look radically different with new windows. Your windows should reflect your homes character. Modern homes look best with large expanses of  floor-to-ceiling windows, while a traditional home may look best with symmetrically placed, white-paned, rectangular windows. check out our windows pinterest page and find out which windows would look best for you.

3)The right color combinations-

, just like getting yourself dressed in the morning, there are combinations that work and don’t work in making your home look great, check out this guide by
Sherman Williams to figure out what colors you should choose for your home.

4) The right roof-

Roofs are a lot more than just rain guards, the color of shingles, the style, all affect the way your home is viewed and function. Not to mention a roof can drastically effect your heating and cooling cost. Check out this article by energy.gov about how having the right roof can effect your cost of living

5) Gutters-

gutters can make or break the look of a home, either by setting it off with clean lines and the right colors or by bringing it down sagging away from the home or even rusting away. Check out our helpful article on how to know when it’s time to replace you gutters.

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