Siding Styles: Pros and Cons.


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When selecting siding, there are six basic issues to consider: 1. Water Resistance. Water-resistant types of siding will have longer life spans. 2. Ease of Installation. If you’re installing the siding on your own, make sure it is within your skill set, requires no special tools, and creates no harmful dust when cut. 3. Energy Efficiency. Check the R-value rating for energy savings … Read More

Christmas Light Roof Inspection

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Christmas is truly a magical time of year. Families come together, many people get time off of work, and here in Kentucky white snow often blankets the ground. If you are like most home owners who decorate for the holidays, you may consider breaking out the old ladder to string up some festive lights. But have you considered if your … Read More

Where Your Home Loses The Most Energy

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As seasons change you may notice a new and unwanted cool breeze traveling through your home; or maybe you notice that cool breeze hitting your right in the pocket book. Either way, no homeowner wants to see their warm air and finances blow right out the door. The walls of a home that isn’t well insulated can act like a … Read More