What Is That Plastic Wrap On The Outside Of New Homes?


Image of a house being built

Ever noticed the plastic wrap covering buildings during new constructions? That plastic material is actually called housewrap and can drastically affect your homes thermal regulation, moisture defense and overall permeability to the outside air.

What is HouseWrap?

Housewrap (or house wrap) generally denotes a synthetic material used to protect buildings. Housewrap functions as a weather-resistant barrier, preventing rain from getting into the wall assembly while allowing water vapor to pass to the exterior. If moisture from either direction is allowed to build up within stud or cavity walls, moldand rot can set in and fiberglass or cellulose insulation will lose its R-value due to heat-conducting moisture. House wrap may also serve as an air barrier if it is sealed carefully at seams.

Is my home housewrapped?

If your home was built in the 60s or earlier the answer is probably no. Older materials such as home felt and asphalt fabric were used in older builds before the high efficiency thermal housewrap was brought to the market. If your home is one of Louisvilles Victorian homes the answer may be worse then that..

If your home falls into one of the aforementioned categories you are probably also in the market for new shingles or siding.

How can I afford new siding and housewrap

There are a variety of different methods to afford or offset the cost of home repairs
In the event that your siding was damaged in a storm, insurance will usually cover the replacement of your exterior siding and windows. If your home exterior is simply deteriorating you may be a prime candidate to take out a home equity line of credit or personal loan to cover home improvement cost k&P partners with synchrony bank to ensure all of our customers have the opportunity to afford a great home

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