The Truth About Contractor Reviews.


Ways to Review Our Business

The Truth About Contractor Reviews.

We live in a digital world. There is no way around it. Gone are the days of looking up businesses in the phone book or checking out the BBB to look for a trust worthy contractor. Instead, most of us rely on search engines and trusty reviews to help us find the business or service we are looking for.

The Problem

Social networks, Home advisor, Google and even Yelp can be bought… The search results, reviews, or recommendations can all be determined by who is paying the most.
I’m sure you’ve seen it before: a new business opens and suddenly has a meteoric rise of reviews and exposure- the reality is followers, likes, and even reviews can be bought! Services like the BBB were created to ensure that customer complaints, problems or  shady business practices were all resolved or ethical.
Because of this reliance on a digital persona fake reviews have become rampant, businesses don’t even have to exist any more to receive these reviews. Check out this hilarious example on vice:

What You Can Do

It may seem like it’s impossible to find a truly trustworthy review but the truth is the old tried and true methods still work

  1. Ask your neighbor- who did a job that you really appreciated the craftsman ship of?
  2. Cross reference- How long has a business been around? Is it a flash in the pan or has it been serving the community for years.
  3. BBB- although this one has had some troubles in the past as well, it is still generally regarded as the best way of testing the validity of an establishment.
  4. Next Door- Check out its a new social service that allows real recommendations from your neighbors and (so far) is not accepting paid promotions.

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