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Maybe it’s because once a year the country turns it’s gaze to the river city to watch the biggest two minutes in sports, or maybe it’s because it was the birth place of the “Greatest”, most likely though it’s because the simple beauty and rich history it’s steeped in, but every native of “Loo-a-vul”, Kentucky holds with them a small amount of pride in calling this city their home.

Because of this, most residents are ready to spout off a few facts about their birth-place that a traveler may want to know: from stating that “The famous song ‘Happy Birthday To You’ originated in Louisville, KY” to boasting that “the University of Louisville Cardinals basketball team originated the high-five during a practice of the 1978-79 season.” (Go Cards)

One part of Louisville often left off the local ‘short list’ of facts and stats however is the rich and developing history of the aptly named “Old Louisville historic district”

So buckle up and pour a glass of bourbon because your going to learn something today.

7 Facts about Old Louisville

1. Old Louisville boast the largest collection of Victorian homes in a single historic district in the United States.
2. It was Louisville’s first “suburb”, called the “Southern Extension” by its first residents.

3. Every year it host the St. James Court Art Show – Ranked sixth-best art fair in the country by AmericanStyle Magazine.

4. It contains Louisville’s ‘Central Park’ designed by the renowned Frank Law Olmsted.

5. “The Great Gatsby” was inspired by Fitzgeralds stay in the victorian neighborhood.

6. It is thought to be one of the most haunted places in America, offering a variety of ghost tours and haunted homes.

7. Old Louisville features the largest collection of pedestrian-only streets of any U.S. neighborhood.

…And the list keeps going.

Old Louisville was spared from destruction during the flee from the cities of the 60s and 70s and the urban renewal that followed due to the voice of preservationist and was eventually placed on the national historic district list solidifying it’s place in Louisville history. Because of people like these preservationist who care deeply about Louisville’s future, it is filled to the brim with history, and this history manifest itself in the grit of the people, the quality of it’s bourbon and the beauty of it’s Architecture.

Here at K&P roofing, siding & home improvement, we believe in maintaining that history and restoring buildings back to their former glory. Thats why we offer the finest materials in restoring old homes; from copper shingles and roofing, to ornate scallop siding, and even copper gutters and windows. K&P offers the craftsmanship and respect needed to recreate the beauty of what an original victorian home was meant to represent.

If you need work done on your Old Louisville home, or you simply want to recreate the beauty of ornate craftsmanship in a neighborhood elsewhere, Give us a call for an honest quote and we will be happy to work with you.

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