Can You Be Sued For Lack Of Home Maintenance?

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Louisville Home Improvement Contractors K&P Roofing

Did you know that business and property owners in the Louisville, Kentucky area have a duty to keep their properties free of potential hazards?
It’s true, in fact if your home or business is dangerous to: visitors, mailman, or even just passersby you may actually be liable to a lawsuit in the event of an injury..

Generally, the law doesn’t require a property owner/possessor to remove ice or snow that accumulates outside his or her building as the result of weather. However, if conditions on the property cause an unnatural accumulation of ice or snow, the property owner may be liable for slip and fall accidents, such as when:

Louisville Home Improvement Contractors Kp Roofing

Louisville Home Improvement Contractors Kp Roofing

* Ice accumulates on the roof, then melts and drips off because of a clogged drain, then refreezes on the ground;
* Faulty Maintenance of gutters leading to pooling water
* Collapsed cement steps in front of your home
* ..and more.

Fall (no pun intended) is the perfect time to install new gutters

Fall is the perfect time to address these issues before the problem can worsen. Changing temperatures and weather leads to accumulation of debris such as leaves and sticks which can lead to pooling on your roof , or spill over leading to icy walkways.

What Can I Do?

Pay attention to your home; often times there are visible signs that something may not be up to par
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